Life Balance Connections was created around the idea that working together allows us to build one another up while also creating our own success. Sharing our knowledge and expertise while supporting each other as professionals brings about positive change in several ways.

* It allows us to learn from one another and grow as individuals as well as a community
* It opens us up to more opportunities within our profession
* It makes it easier to meet the widely varying needs of our clients and other community members who wish to better their health and wellness  


Interested in becoming a Member?

SPH Counseling

               Shane P. Hodges, LPC

Life Balance Connections strives to provide accessible and quality mental health resources for members of the community. Our list of resources continues to grow and evolve. Our trusted network of professionals, and community members alike, offer suggestions and information on what resources they would like to see.   

The Life Balance Connections Review Board considers the education, experience, and license status of any potential member therapist. We do so to confirm they are maintaining professionalism and integrity to the mental health field. Therefore, when choosing a therapist through our site you can have confidence they meet a high level of quality standards.

Our Therapists

Let's work together at getting back to a better you!

Life Balance Connections is a dedicated group of therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and other healing professionals serving the Front Range of Colorado.

This network is built on the foundation of Integrity, Professionalism, and Collaboration. Our therapists have a strong desire to create a network of trusted healing professionals among whom referrals and information could be shared. 

Our focus is on quality over quantity as we continue to expand our solid network of professionals and mental health resources for the benefit of the Front Range community.